LOOK: This is how Gilbert Arenas says he’d defend Stephen Curry

Before injuries and his infamous locker room incident with guns, Gilbert Arenas aka “Agent Zero” aka “Hibachi!” was one of the best scoring point guards in the NBA.

Arenas last played in the NBA during the 2011-12 season with the Memphis Grizzlies, then spent 2012-13 in the Chinese Basketball Association with the Yao Ming-owned Shanghai Sharks. Since then, he’s basically been bumming around, while getting in trouble thanks to his social media posts.

Well Arenas has taken to Instagram once more, though this time, it’s not quite as terrible as the aforementioned issues. Instead, he posted his strategy on how he’d deal with reigning MVP Stephen Curry and the defending champs Golden State Warriors, if he were head coach.

Someone asked if I coached against #GS in the playoff could i beat them since i pay attention to details…IF the playoffs started now,I would be coaching Houston as the 8th seed…to beat any team in the playoffs u have to understand that team and what makes them GO…the most important player on #GSteam is #curry..second most IMPORTANT is #Green..but second BEST player is clay…so to beat this team u have to understand the two most IMPORTANT players..you have curry avg 30.5 and 6.6 asst..#Green avg 13.7 and 7.4 asst…so these 2 are combining for (44.2ppg)while dishing out (14 asst)..u take the (14 asst) and with #GS shooting a ton of 3's u say every asst is worth 2.5 points,giving u (35 points)..so these two players alone are producing (79.2 out of 110-120gs points)but I cant explain a full game plan in a post so ill do game 1…the percentage of a 8th seed winning game 1 is low so ill take an unorthodox approach(currys game is fast shooting,creativity and CONFIDENCE) my job is to break his confidence.. So game 1 I will run a triangle and 2 on him #highschool style #patrick #harden double team curry (double MEANS u two stay with curry AT ALL TIMES I dont want him getting no shots up..so its a 4 against 3..I know what ur thinking I will get killed playing my 3 defenders against 4 offensive players (maybe) but have u seen james defense it's usually 4 against 5 anyways so ill use him and patrick to just FACE guard curry (if curry drinks water #james #pat better be close enough to tell if it was #figi or #tap) this method will kill currys confidence no matter how much he wants to win..to be a back 2 back MVP and hottest man on the planet. score 0-5 points in a game becuz theyre doubling me even WHEN I dont have the ball….if curry takes it out both players are guarding him,james and pat will never help or defensive rebound just make sure curry dont touch the ball…To KNOW YOU WONT SCORE and HIT BIG shots for the crowd is a bad feeling to a player who strives off EACH shot he makes..(thats all I can give u is game 1) haha if imma lose IMMA lose but win #psychologicalWareGame o

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So basically, if it were the Playoffs, and Arenas was in charge of the eighth-seeded squad, going up against the number one seed Warriors, he would have his starting backcourt double-team Curry the whole length of the court, and live with the rest of his team going three-on-four. Or as he calls it, “#psychologicalWareGame”.

To his credit, Arenas says his team would probably still lose to GSW, but he’d at least get into Curry’s head and potentially soften him up for the next round.

While it’s an interesting idea, it’s certainly not an original one, as Curry faced a similar situation back when he played with Davidson in the US NCAA.

Loyola used the same strategy Arenas is advocating for, shadowing Curry and going 3-on-4 with the other players. Curry was held scoreless, but Davidson won in a rout, 78-48. Fast-forward to the present, and with Draymond Green running the show against a side with a man down, and it could be even more of a one-sided game. Sorry Agent Zero.

As a bonus, here’s a clip from the ESPN show PTI discussing that game:

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