LOOK: Ricci Rivero announces departure from Green Archers in a tweet

Ricci Rivero is no longer a Green Archer.

After months of speculation regarding his future with the La Salle Green Archers, Rivero announced via Twitter earlier today that he is leaving La Salle.

This announcement on social media is the final word on Ricci Rivero’s status with La Salle. Back in February, news broke out that Ricci, along with his brother Prince and Brent Paraiso were removed from the team. The school later clarified that the three players took a leave of absence to fulfil their endorsement deals. The younger Rivero further clarified during an interview in Gilas practice that he is still attending classes in La Salle and has not yet transferred to a different school.

After a month-long silence, Ricci finally took to Twitter and released a statement that denied rumors of his drug use. He tweeted a heartfelt statement about his love for the game and even showed the negative results of a drug test to prove his claims.

Now, Ricci is trying to move forward from that debacle by leaving La Salle and opting for a fresh start elsewhere. Currently, there is no news about where Rivero will be transferring to.