LOOK: Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant have dinner, talk about…stuff

Here’s a picture of Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant chilling out, having dinner in Oklahoma City:

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the LA Lakers play each other tomorrow, so it’s not like Kobe went out of his way to see KD. Still you gotta wonder what they’re talking about.

“Boy, these new Nikes sure are comfy!”

“That Westbrook guy sure is crazy huh?”

“Hey Kevin…how about you come take over for me in LA next season?”


Of course, the last time Kobe Bryant shared a meal with a “competitor,” nothing came out of it. Remember when he had breakfast with Rajon Rondo? Kobe later described it as “a basketball geek conversation.”

Oh well. Time to put away those thoughts of a Russell-Clarkson-Durant-Randle-Simmons line-up guys.

Photos c/o Getty Images