LOOK: Here are the final 2018 NBA Playoff match-ups

It took until the very last day of the season for the cast of the 2018 NBA Playoffs to be completed. After the Minnesota Timberwolves took down the Denver Nuggets in OT, they are theĀ final team to officially claim a Playoff spot. The Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers also went to battle today to determine the final rankings out in the Western Conference.

When the smoke cleared, here is the final 2018 NBA Playoff picture:


The top seeded Houston Rockets are facing the Minnesota Timberwolves who finished eighth in the West. The Golden State Warriors finished with the second seed after claiming the top spot in theĀ conference for the past three years. They go up against the San Antonio Spurs who claimed the seventh seed. Rounding out the rest of the West match-ups are the Blazers facing the sixth-seeded New Orleans Pelicans and the fourth-seeded OKC Thunder up against the Jazz who fell to the fifth seed.

The Eastern Conference Playoff picture has been a little clearer than the West. The Toronto Raptors have locked up the top seed for a week now and they go up against the eighth-seeded Washington Wizards. The Boston Celtics, similarly locked into second will face the Milwaukee Bucks (seventh). The rest of the match-ups include the defending Eastern Conference Champions, Cleveland Cavaliers (fourth) against the Indiana Pacers (fifth) and the upstart Philadelphia 76ers who finished third against the sixth-seeded Miami Heat.

The NBA Playoffs will start on Saturday, April 14 (Sunday April 15, Philippine time). Here is the complete Playoff schedule per match-up.


Photos from NBA.com