Kiefer Ravena fulfills his PBA calling

As soon as Kiefer Ravena was born, talks of him playing in the PBA already began. Being the first born of two former national athletes, it was only logical to assume that Kiefer was destined to become a big name in sports someday.

The truth, however, was that, like any other kid, life was an open field for the young Ravena. He was free to become whatever he wanted, whether or not it had anything to do with a ball and a court.

But as Kiefer grew older, it became more and more evident that he was truly meant to be a great athlete. As a kid, he collected trophies instead of toys. His heroes were basketball greats – his dad above all others. And he easily ruled over every level of competition he played in.

A few days ago, The Phenom finally completed his calling when he played his very first game in the PBA. He led his NLEX Road Warriors to a win, posting an incredible stat line of 18 points, 12 assists, seven rebounds and two steals.

In his debut, Kiefer played like he had been in the league for a long time. Not only did he make himself look good, he also made his teammates better. He also made his coach’s job a lot easier.

It was an excellent display of the Phenom’s greatness, something that NLEX is blessed to have. The team has long been looking for a player to build the team around. There have been many candidates, but perhaps no one more qualified than Kiefer.

However, with all the hype surrounding him, it’s still important to remember that he’s a rookie in the big league.

Because of his strong debut, the expectations will only rise from this point on. There will be games that he will falter and there will be games where he will shine brighter than his debut game. But that’s expected of a rookie coming into the league. No matter how hyped, there will always be an adjustment period.

At the end of the day, Kiefer definitely makes NLEX a better team. However, It may be too much to expect him to be the quick fix solution to the heartbreaks they’ve suffered through the years. He makes the team better, but they’re not suddenly a championship contender just because of him.

NLX-KIA PBA 2017-2018

One thing that can be said is that, with Kiefer, the Road Warriors are one step closer to winning its first PBA championship.

It took Kiefer Ravena 24 years to make it to the PBA. And in his very first game, he proved that he was worth the wait.

The PBA was his calling. It was his destiny. Pretty soon, it will be his show.