LeBron James has the highest rating in NBA 2K15

Kevin Durant is the poster boy for the upcoming NBA 2K15 video game, but when you take it out for a spin, you’ll find that LeBron James is still ranked higher than the reigning MVP.

The folks over at the Facebook page of the game recently completed revealing the rankings of all 424 players included in the base package. Topping the charts? James with a 98 overall rating, followed by Durant at 95.

Rounding out the top 10 players are Chris Paul (91), Tim Duncan (90), and Carmelo Anthony (89), the latter being tied with Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, Paul George and Stephen Curry.

The full list can be viewed here:


Durant previously revealed though that he doesn’t play as himself, or use his own team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I never play with our team, for some reason, but everybody else does and they always kill me,” Durant said in a conference call that included Yahoo’s Plugged In. “In my house, you have to pick a random team. That’s how you see how good you are.”

“I play with anybody,” he continued. “I know all these players, I know their games. I have an advantage.”

The latest trailer for 2K15 can be viewed below. The game comes out on October 7.

Photo from the Cleveland Cavaliers website