IN THE ISH: Super Marcio 1ups everyone with his kicks game


This article by Migs Rocha appears in KICKS 2016

While you were too focused on his shooting form, you may have missed out on his sneaker game.

Marcio Lassiter’s sneaker game has evolved. He is one of the rare breed of PBA players that are always on point with their in-game kicks, as much as their off-court swagger. Don’t look now, but Super Marcio has 1-upped everyone you know.

SLAM: When did you get into sneakers?

ML: I got into sneakers when I was a teenager in middle school. My first pair of Jordan’s were given to me by my Uncle Mark. We were at his house, where he had a lot of retros. He told me to look in a stash in his closet and grab any pair I wanted and those were my first pair. The shoes I grabbed were the Jordan 13’s, the white and red ones. I still have them today.

SLAM: What were your go to pairs before? Now?

ML: My go-to pairs before were the all-white Air Force ones. I wore those to death in high school. I rocked the team Jordans a lot. I wore the Vin Bakers/Ray Allens (Jumpman Pro Strong) all of sixth grade, one of my first idols. Then came the Jumpman Pro Quick. Then the Jumpman Team Pro 1. Then the Jumpman Team 1. After those Jordans it was the Air max 180 Olympics. After were the Air Max 360’s to walk in. Now I rock Frees, Sockfly, the Air Max 1s and 90s, and anything that is Flyknit and J’s.

SLAM: Are shoes important to complete the look?

ML: Shoes are definitely important to complete the look, but to be honest, my look starts with choosing my shoes first then I select my outfit.

SLAM: Tell us a sneaker story from back when you were in the States. Talk about your journey from when you started to ball and love sneakers, from grade school, to college, and then to Gilas.

ML: Aside from the shoes I got from my uncle, the first pair I bought were the Olympic 7’s during my sophomore year in high school. Them is fire. My love of sneakers and hoops was always there cause I love the Penny’s and Js.

When I got older I was able to buy the shoes that I always wanted and always felt the connection of having the right swag when I hooped. From freshman year high school during varsity, I wore the Reebok Allen Iverson Answer IV white, red and grey to the team Jordans, one red and one grey shoe, and then also the adidas Pro Models. Once I got to college I stayed with more heat with J’s. I wore the fire red 5, OG black Metallic silver 5, 14 black n red the last shot, and also white n red candy cane. Then came the 8’s white n grey n orange and blue n orange for Fullerton, and then j Kidd Nike zoom flight 95s blue n orange. I wore the Baron Jordan 9s on senior day.

During Gilas, it was shifted towards Kobes. One of the best moments was playing against Kobe along with Durant, Harden, pre-ACL tear D Rose, and CP3 during the NBA lockout. It was a great experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to play against those future hall of famers. I wore the Kobe 5 and 6 during Gilas, and wore the Kobe 6 during the Kobe event. I played him one-on-one in the post, he shot it and missed. Enough said. LOL.

SLAM: Top 5 kicks on court now? Off court?

ML: On court would be:
1. Ferrari 14’s
2. 11 lows the black, white concords
3. 1’s black and blue Royals
4. Kobe 11 Ids
5. Hyperrevs

Off-court would be:

1. Jordan (Red 11lab4, Olympic 6, Pinnacles white and black)
2. Buscemi 100MM- black and gold
3. Huarache (vast amount of colors)
4. Flyknits (vast amount of colors)
5. Roshes (vast amount of colors)


SLAM: Around how many pairs do you have now? Do you clean them?

ML: I would have to say I probably have 600 pairs, more or less. The majority of my collection is in storage in the States. I clean my kicks after I’ve worn them before putting them back into the box.

SLAM: Are your wife and kid/s into sneakers?

ML: My wife is absolutely into sneakers and has been ever since I’ve known her. She’s actually had an impact on my sneaker game because she worked for Nike when we were still in the States. Our boys all have a pretty solid shoe collection themselves (we started buying baby shoes when we were still dating for our “future kids”) The 7 y/o and 3 y/o get excited when we bust out new pairs for them to rock. The baby has no idea what he’s in for, LOL.

SLAM: Biggest question of all. Why don’t you have Social media?

ML: I don’t have social media because it’s just a personal preference. It’s great for networking, no doubt, but a lot of drama comes alongside it as well so I’d rather not have any social media accounts. My wife does though, and I can always be reached through her accounts.

SLAM: Not a lot of people know that you trained with Purefoods when you got here. Talk about that for a minute.

ML: Yea that’s right, I came out here in October of 2009. I was 22 when I came from the States (after graduating from Fullerton with a Bachelor of Science) and I was able to practice with Purefoods for about a month straight. At that time I was waiting for the PBL to start, which wasn’t going to be until December, so I got the opportunity to practice with them. I got to play with James Yap, some of my now teammates and coaches like Rico Maierhofer, Marc Pingris and Coach Jorge Gallent, to name a few. Just looking back at it now and seeing how the players we played against can be the teammates we play with in the future. At the time the team was very strong, and that year they won a championship, so I was able to watch first-hand how competitive the game was, and the style of play, which helped me adjust from playing in the States. They were the first to see me play here in the Philippines and I enjoyed every moment of it.

SLAM: Down two, game on the line, we know you’re going to make the triple for the win. What shoe will you be wearing though?

ML: It would have to either be the Jordan XI “Defining Moments” or the Jordan III “Pure Money” and this would have to be because of their names.

SLAM: If you could design an Air Super Marcio 1, describe what that shoe will look like.

ML: Design my shoes! If you guys can make this happen come get at me. I’m dead serious. I can’t give you guys the blueprint, but I do have sick, legit ideas that can go a long way. Don’t want to give away any ideas yet until I get that deal. LOL, sorry guys.


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