Her Love of the Game

By Chichi Adam, Human Resources Director, TITAN
Aila Torre (left), Women of TITAN (right)

Those who follow TITAN know that the brand is about being authentic to the game, giving consumers the best experiences and products as well as providing a safe haven for those who love the game back. TITAN is always trying to answer the question ‘What’s next?’ in the most innovative and creative ways possible. 

I’ve experienced this culture first-hand as a member of the organization. I believe that one of the reasons for the brand’s continued success is credited to its ability to identify the driving forces in the game. That’s what allows us to stay ahead of the pack. It was TITAN that recognized early on that the female presence, influence, and perspective are integral in pushing the game forward.

Most people would probably be surprised to know that a significant part of the TITAN leadership team is actually comprised of strong, passionate female decision-makers who manage critical parts of the business. The respect and empowerment that we receive from the men we work with and from the fellow women on the team is the type of support that has to be normalized in any space. 

As a female member of the team, there was never a day that I felt like I didn’t belong, or that I had to earn my spot. I never felt that I had to present myself in a certain manner because I was a woman in a male-dominated industry.

TITAN always allowed me to be me. 

Women of TITAN’s designs

That’s why it’s only fitting that to celebrate International Women’s Month, we, the women of TITAN, came together to creatively express ourselves and show what HER LOVE OF THE GAME means to us through our own designs for the TITAN Design Studio Custom Bar.

Isabel Perdigon, our Junior Content Specialist for NBA Store PH and one of the two apparel design leads for this initiative, emphasizes through her design that women in sports are cultural game changers. She highlights in her design that women’s unique passions for the game, as well as the different roles that we fulfill, are what will tremendously elevate the game. 

The other lead designer is, Via Bergantinos, our Retail Consumer Experience Manager. She aimed to capture our personal experiences and personalities – a trophy for the career victories and defining moments, a variation of TITAN’s lightning icon, feminine touches in the form of flowers, plants and crystals, and a ball as a reference to the brand — in her design.

TITAN has collaborated with visual artist Aila Torre, a former member of the Ateneo Lady Eagles, who produced exciting artworks through her lenses as a hooper as well as a fan of the game. She shared her own journey and the things that made her love the game. Her designs is an ode to her favorite players, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Skylar Diggins-Smith, as well as a tribute to Kobe and Gigi Bryant. She even shared that one of her artworks was a product of a creative flow, a splatter of elements and design choices. She parallels that to the adaptability that she needed to have as an athlete to get the best out of a situation that didn’t necessarily go as planned.

Aila Torre’s designs

Our designs serve as a beacon of hope that all women will experience inclusivity in the spaces and places they find themselves in. We hope that when people see one of our designs on the street, they will be reminded of the game-changing power of women.

Beyond that, we hope that this even serves as an inspiration to kickstart transformational action, such as seeking or building more environments where women can feel safe and be seen as equals.

In the natural course of the world, women are bearers and nurturers of life. It is this exact primal instinct, expressed in different ways, that makes someone thrive. Imagine the influence and effect of women in the realm of politics, the economy, cultures and sports. There just has to be enough of it. There has to be more of it. Until there is utmost clarity to everyone on how females can help accelerate pushing and shaping the world in becoming a better place, we, the women, along with the men of TITAN, will continue to do our part in starting those conversations, and doing whatever it takes to drive this truth where it needs to be planted. 

Everyday, your day, ladies.

The Her Love of the Game Designs drop on March 8, 2021 and will be available until March 31, 2021 at the TITAN Design Studio Custom Bar in the Fort branch.

Check out TITAN’s post for more details.