GlobalPort-San Mig Coffee draft day trade turns out to be just a pick swap

During the 2014 PBA Draft, it was announced that the GlobalPort Batang Pier had acquired the seventh overall pick from the San Mig Coffee Mixers, which they used to select Anthony Semerad from San Beda.

The price as reported at that time was said to be GlobalPort’s 2016 first round pick, and a future second rounder.

I gave San Mig Coffee high marks in my draft grades as a result of the deal. The only player they really wanted was Rodney Brondial, and when he got selected by Barangay Ginebra a pick earlier, they opted to go long-term with the trade, instead of picking up someone that wouldn’t crack their rotation.

As for GlobalPort, I thought Semerad would be a great addition to their team, but didn’t like the fact that they were basically going all-in on what they had now, at the risk of jeopardizing their future.

However, as it turns out, the confirmed deal, via the PBA’s website, isn’t so bad for the Batang Pier.

Apparently, instead of giving up their 2016 first rounder outright, GlobalPort will swap just theirs with that of San Mig Coffee.

Globalport Batang Pier acquired the rights to San Mig Coffee’s 2014 1st round draft pick (No. 7 overall, turned out to be Anthony Semerad) as well as 2016 first round pick.

San Mig Coffee acquired the rights to GlobalPort’s 2016 first round and 2018 second draft picks.

True, if this all backfires horribly in GlobalPort’s face, they won’t be able to rebuild with a top talent like Kiefer Ravena, Arnold Van Opstal or Kevin Ferrer. However, they might be able to settle for a second-tier guy like Gelo Alolino, Don Trollano or Louie Vigil.

As for the Mixers, it’s disappointing that they’ll have just one pick in the first round instead of two. They’ll have to console themselves with the fact that they’re Grand Slam champions and will probably have even more titles by the time the 2016 PBA Draft happens. Huhuhu.

Revised 2014 PBA Rookie Draft scores:
GlobalPort: B -> B+
San Mig Coffee: A -> A-