Ginebra San Miguel’s New Retro Unis

It seems like there’s always something new with the Barangay these days — from a brand new team name (Barangay Ginebra San Miguel), to copping one of the best PG’s in the L, (L.A. Tenorio) and now these sewing shop-fresh threads.

If you’re a Ginebra fan, you must have e feeling of utter giddiness for September 30 that your bladder cannot hold it anymore. Just imagine how an old-school quarterback like Tenorio would look absolutely perfect in these retro-ed jerseys; or imagine how MC47’s brash and cool but sometimes dapper (with the Jose Rizal hair) style would stand out against this new wardrobe.

If you’re a San Mig Coffee fan, you must hate that these unis hark some more to the Ginebra legends and add to the mystique that the Barangay brings to the court. The only thing going for you and especially the Mixers (San Mig Coffee’s new moniker) when it comes to these jerseys is that they’re absolutely tuggable — just spot the lower right portion of the photo.


Photo c/o Rob Labagala’s Instagram


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