Ginebra to Get Back on Winning Track vs. Miserable Batang Pier



For Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, this game is about getting a W. Just that. Losing two straight games to two contenders, BGSM is aiming to beat the miserable Batang Pier. And shame on them if they don’t. This game is one that they’re supposed to win or else management pushes The Ginebra Panic Button. You know what happens when they push it right? They change imports. Chemistry gets messed up. They underachieve. And then there’s finger-pointing all over the place. The Philippine basketball world is a much jollier place when BGSM doesn’t suck. So let’s just hope they don’t mess this one up badly.

For the Global Port Batang Pier, this game is all about getting a win. Outside Evan Brock (27 ppg and 22 rpg), no one is really playing remotely well. Washington, Romeo, and Cabagnot are averaging 10, 9, and 6 ppg and shooting 38%, 31%, and 21% from the field respectively. This team has been atrocious and horrible to watch. It seems that all the fun randomness of their offense went out with Richie Ticzon and Sol Mercado.



Ginebra’s local production.

Reports have come in that Ginebra import Leon Rodgers is on his way out. Although he’s shooting just 37% from the field, he’s not the main problem. No one has risen up from the locals to be Robin to Leon’s Batman. Ginebra’s leading local scorer is Chris Ellis. Chris Ellis, for crying out loud. Yes Ellis has improved a lot, but you can’t win when he’s your best local. Someone aside from him has to step up and drop 15 a game on a nightly basis.



Alex Cabagnot.

6.0 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 6.75 apg. 21% from the field. Those numbers pretty much say that the Cabagnot-Mercado trade has been a disaster so far. Although it isn’t Cabagnot’s fault at all. He’s the type of PG that thrives when he has talent around him. He isn’t a break-you-down one-on-one player so he needs good teammates to spread the floor for him. Although he’s dishing well, he’s just completely lost trying to score the ball in Jarencio’s offense.