GET HYPED: #NBAChinaGames2017 Interviews and Reactions

There’s plenty to be excited about for the upcoming NBA season.

Russ has new friends to play with. Kyrie gets to be “the man” in Boston. Giannis and Kawhi join the MVP discussion. Lonzo. The Process. LeBron and Wade together again. The Warriors and their star-smashing Line-up of Death.

The SLAM PH team got together to add to that list. They wrote about why they’re personally excited for the return of the NBA.

So, get hyped. The NBA is back!

The NBA just finished the #NBAChinaGames2017 in Shenzhen and Shanghai. The Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves put on a show in front of a full house.

SLAM PH was there to talk to the players and get their thoughts on the upcoming season. But instead of just giving you a video straight up, we decided to get some guys from our team watch the interviews and give you their reactions (with time stamps). Check out what Polo Bustamante, Jutt Sulit, Ceej Tantengco and Jon Rodriguez had to say about the #NBAChineGames2017 interviews.


Jutt: Man. KD really hates us media, huh? (0:02)

Jon: KD interviews make me feel uneasy because, based on his Twitter replies, I don’t think he likes it when we talk to/about him. I sure hope he doesn’t get to read this. But in the insane chance that he does, I think KD is the best player in the NBA right now and I’m picking him first in my fantasy draft this year. Also, that guy on KD’s right is a smaller, more intense version of Mark Jackson. (0:02)

Polo: Yeah. I’m down with the Kanye Trainers KD’s got on. (0:06)

Jon: Zaza sighting! (0:19)

Jutt: Oh shoot. Is that a smile on KD? He’s starting to like us already! (0:20)

Polo: Nope. KD’s not gonna spill on the fire colorways he’s going to rock this season. (0:37)

Jon: KD smirking and pouting make me feel uneasy. (0:37)

Jon: A list of Kevin Durant’s tattoos: Rick James, Tupac, Bible verse, a triangle, Maryland, Washington Nationals, and the latest one, “Just Us,” which is such a 2017 @KDTrey5 tattoo but could also be the title of Taylor Swift’s next album when she’s done addressing her enemies. (1:17)

Jutt: This was me when my mom first saw my tattoo. (1:18)

Ceej: “Y’all weren’t supposed to see that one” is such a pabebe line. Those shorts were hiked up. That tat is huge. You know exactly what you’re doing to us, KD! (1:19)

Jutt: Steph and his security dude don’t look thrilled by the media either. ???? (1:30)

Polo: I love how Steph looks like a cocky high school kid saying “We’re the defending champs.” You know he’s got more than enough to back up the cockiness.

Ceej: It’s nice to know NBA players stalk each others’ IG stories like the rest of us. Now I want to know which of their opponents send those stories to their teammates’ DMs like “yo you seen this???” (2:58)

Jutt: Can’t really tell if Steph is legit amused by China Javale or is shaking his head deep inside

Jutt: Quote of the day: “Javale is a deep thinker.” (3:21)

Jon: Key Klay takeaway: “JaVale is a deep thinker…” (3:21)

Polo: “Javale is a deep thinker” might be my new Twitter bio. (3:21)

Jutt: Of course, Kobe is somehow brought up in a question that had nothing to do with him. Love you Mamba! (4:12)

Jutt: I don’t know why but I’m really getting Gabe Norwood vibes from Iggy on this interview. (4:55)

Jon: Financial tips from former Finals MVP Andre Iguodala that I never knew I needed. (5:30)

Polo: I want Steve Kerr to coach me through life. (6:17)

Jutt: Now I’m getting some Calvin Abueva vibes from Draymond. (6:45)

Jon: For a second there I thought Draymond froze again like in that bizarre Game 2 postgame presser. (6:54)

Jon: Nope, still talking. (6:55)


Jon: Never saw Jimmy Butler as a Crash Bandicoot guy but a YouTube clip of him playing Crash Bandicoot is something I’d spend my precious minutes on. (0:20)

Jutt: Crash Bandicoot?! I wanna be friends with Jimmy Butler so we can play Crash Team Racing! (0:21)

Polo: Jimmy Butler is my peeps for wanting to play JUST Crash Bandicoot. (0:21)

Polo: Yeah. Jimmy Butler’s not telling either. (0:49)

Jutt: I’m a big fan of Minny’s colors this year. I would love to see Jordan brand come up with a neon green colorway. Save a pair for Arwind Santos. (1:09)

Polo: I really like how the volt pops on the dark and dull blues of their new color sets. I always Liked Manny’s colors. (1:10)

Ceej: Having so many shoes you lost count. That’s the dream right there. (1:23)

Jutt: Never realized Jimmy was great with media. I seriously wanna be friends with him now. (1:50)

Polo: Describing a shoe as “swaggy” makes me want to cop a pair of Jordan XXXIIs even more. (2:18)

Jon: Didn’t know KAT had a mole on his face. Is that a new mole? Or a pimple? Did it come with the Jimmy Butler trade? (2:35)

Jon: He talks about giving hope to the fans so this is obviously the part where you know Karl-Anthony Towns is the franchise player. (3:05)

Jutt: That ’04 Wolves team was tough! KG, Spree, Cassel, Troy Hudson! I remember they gave the Lakers a hard time! (3:16)

Polo: Meticulous work. Yup. Sounds about right for a Thibs training camp. (3:39)

Jutt: LOL! You can tell he had more to say but was wise enough to hold back. One less error, JT. (4:33)

Jon: Jeff Teague’s Jay-Z laugh when asked about Thibs says a lot. (4:33)

Ceej: Jon, now that you mention it, he sounds like Jay-Z even when he’s talking. (4:35)

Polo: Kinda looks like Jay Pharoah doing a Jay-Z impression. (4:35)

Ceej: And for a second right there, Christopher Walken too. (4:44)

Jon: Jeff Teague is not amused. (5:09)

Jon: Jamal Crawford: crossover king and elite gum chewer. (5:16)

Jutt: Jamal Crawford #NBABallot. I gotta see those other ten moves.(5:40)

Jutt: This is why he’s so valuable to every team he plays for. He comes in, accepts his role and helps everyone else do the same. I feel like Jamal is an underrated leader. (6:23)

Jon: Crawford’s secret to longevity: “I just love to play basketball. I play anywhere, anytime, with anybody. When I’m out there, I feel free.” (6:57)

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