Five-Team Trade is Complete, LA Tenorio to Ginebra

LA Tenorio is now a King. After all of the talk, all the rumors, the deal is finally done.

The five-team trade was made official by the PBA Commisioner, Chito Salud, and here is how it looks like after all the pieces are put in their places.

gets LA Tenorio
Alaska gets Jvee Casio, Dondon Hontiveros, and Ginebra’s 2015 2nd Round Pick
GlobalPort gets Willie Miller and Ginebra 2014 1st Round Pick
gets Wesley Gonzales and Hans Thiele
Barako gets Enrico Villanueva

Despite giving up LA Tenorio, the Alaska Aces were able to pull together some good pieces for their team. Getting the 1st overall pick in last year’s PBA Draft, a class act veteran in Dondon, and a future pick for Tenorio. They say that you can’t make up the talent when trading a superstar, but Alaska actually did. They did it Denver Nuggets’ GM Masai Ujiri style.

Ginebra definitely has their heir to the throne when JJ Helterbrand hangs up them sneaks for good. LA Tenorio has the Ginebra, “Never Say Die” mentality down pat. He could be the future of the great line of Ginebra point guards. The Kings have JJ, Mike Cortez, Rob Labagala, and now Tenorio at the point. That is not the main problem that Ginebra will need to address before the season. It is if Labagala will let LA take his jersey number.

Photo c/o InterAKTV