Fit for a King: LeBron enters 16th season with a new weapon

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It’s cliche. But it’s a formula that has worked for LeBron James.

In the 15 years he’s played in the league, The King has found out what his strengths and weaknesses are. He’s pounded on the positives and continues to hit the gym to eliminate the negatives.

It’s the same with his signature sneakers. Fifteen shoes in, he’s already figured out what works and what doesn’t. And in building the next one, he carries over what works and takes it to a higher level.

That’s what the latest LeBron 16 is all about.

Better. Bolder. Stronger.

For someone who moves with the power of a truck and the speed of a race car, two of the most important attributes in any LeBron shoe are support and weight. Nike designer Jason Petrie, who has been leading the evolution of The King’s line, is constantly put on his toes, looking for ways to create a balance between the two.

That led to the development of the Battleknit 2.0, a “less is more” advancement of the knit introduced in the LeBron 15.

“The knit team at Nike are geniuses,” says Petrie. “They created a new knit for the 16 that is strong enough to contain LeBron and successfully reduces any layers in the overall build that could slow him down.”

The underfoot of the new LeBron’s also borrows technology used in the 15. It employs the same mix between Max Air and Zoom Air cushioning to support the power that James moves with in every step. “LeBron liked the cushioning so much last year that we just focused on refining it,” says Petrie.

There’s one thing that LeBron wanted to change though.

“The first thing we wanted to do was get a little lower in the cut of the shoe,” James said. “I wanted to get a little faster, ride a little bit closer to the court and be a little bit more dynamic.”

At the trial runs that Nike set up, SLAM PH got a first-hand experience of the new LeBron 16. It was everything that was promised and advertised. From how well the Battleknit 2.0 keeps your foot in place to how responsive the sole is. You will definitely feel the strength in the shoes.

Entering his 16th season in the NBA, LeBron James took a turn that some deemed unexpected. At 33 years old, he takes on the challenge bringing glory back to the city of Los Angeles.

At this age, players are normally on the decline of their careers.

Not LeBron.

He promises to be what his latest shoes are.

Better. Bolder. Stronger.