Draft Focus: Will Chris Ellis Make the ‘Solenn-leap’?

Name: Chris Ellis

School: Mary Hardin Baylor, U.S.

Instant Analysis:

When Survivor Philippines revealed that there was a creature named “Solenn Heussaff” walking on Philippine soil, we were all like “OMFG! Why is she on earth?!”, or “Are you kidding me? I haven’t seen any Filipina as gifted as her ever!”. Solenn then slowly but surely entered Pinoy consciousness by following the path that Kim Kardashian laid out for aspiring A-list socialites. And the rest was history. Solenn has become a living legend and she currently holds the Most Accidents Caused By An EDSA Billboard record.

What in the world does Solenn Heussaff have to do with Chris Ellis?!

Well, Chris Ellis is like the Survivor Philippines version of Solenn — we haven’t seen any Pinoy baller as physically and athletically gifted as him before. Just check out what damage he can do here:

Have you ever seen any PBA or amateur player do a reverse jam as sick as the one on the 0:29 mark? Or that 3-point-line-blow-by-then-attack-the-basket-and-throw-it-down-like-KD sequence on the 1:45 mark?

No, right?

Yes, Chris Ellis is a goosebumps-instigating type of talent. That combination of freakish athleticism, ball-handling and playmaking skills, and that smooth outside stroke, has never been put together on a 6-6, long and agile Pinoy body. Mash that up with supreme self-belief (He told us in issue 161 that he dreams of making it to the NBA), and there you have this year’s draftee with the most upside.

But can he put it all together in the PBA? Is he willing to work his thin ass off? Can his body withstand a Beau Belga hockey hip check? Can he fix that jumpshot that comes and goes like Charlie Sheen’s promise to sober-up?

I’m afraid we asked the same things about Japeth, “Fafa Rey”, JC, and KG.

But here’s to hoping he makes the ‘Solenn-leap’.

Projection: Mid to late first round

Best-Case Scenario: Chris Ellis (after the ‘Solenn-leap’)

Worst-Case Scenario: “Fafa Rey” (If in year 2024, everyone is still saying, “This is gonna be his break-out year.”)


photo c/o sports.inquirer.net

One response to “Draft Focus: Will Chris Ellis Make the ‘Solenn-leap’?”

  1. I think you forgot comparing DS to Chris Ellis!!But anyway, Danny Seigle is far better than Chris Ellis though!

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