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Charged Up: TITAN Vertis is back

TITAN Vertis re-opens with more stories to tell. It’s all in the details.

The TITAN store in Ayala Vertis North re-opened to the public on Saturday, after going through a few significant changes to its look.

While the space maintained the modern vibe infused with a classic touch, key pieces from the brand’s past were injected to better tell the TITAN story.

“TITAN Vertis is really a love letter to not just our history, but also to where we are now and where TITAN’s future lies,” said Nikko Ramos, TITAN’s senior brand director. 

That love letter starts at the barber area, which is the first thing you’ll see when you walk in the store.

Filipina artist Krizel Hidalgo, also known in art circles as Tita Keks, designed and hand-painted a vintage signage as a nod to OG barbershops. Wooden signages created by SBTG complete this area’s vintage theme, we also featured 10-year-old hand painted barbershop wooden signages from SBTG.

Enter the store’s main floor and there’s a gravitational pull to the leftmost corner, where a trophy wall dedicated to TITAN’s deep connection to game lives. It’s a time capsule to many lifetimes, from 2013’s champ tee for San Mig Coffee Mixers to TITAN’s collaborations with LeBron James and the Jordan Brand.

Look closer and there are hidden gems to unearth: the original lightning fist artwork by Allyn Martin, artworks by Jason Paz, and signed bricks by VIPs at TITAN’s previous flagship store, among others.

Everything in the retail space is there with purpose. A coffee table isn’t just a coffee table—a deconstructed Nike Dunk is made to look fossilized and preserved. Plant boxes aren’t just plant boxes and are made from deflated basketballs to promote creative sustainability and upcycling. A table doubles up as an art piece called “Footwork,” which was created with the outsole prints of various Jordan retro silhouettes to represent all walks of life brought together by the game.

A new chapter is added to the story in this re-wired space with a wall dedicated to women’s hoops, covering both performance and lifestyle footwear and apparel.

“That’s the direction that the brand is heading into. We’ve been going on from the last few years and what we’re heavily invested in going into the future is the role of women in and around basketball and basketball culture,” said Ramos.

Call it what you want—a hoop haven, a basketball sanctuary, what the store provides is the full experience like no other.

“At the root of it all, TITAN still stands to provide the consumer with the best basketball products, stories, and experiences in the world,” said Ramos. “There’s a lot of things to experience with the new store, but the products are really one of the main pillars of the brand and the company and making sure that we provide the consumers with the best basketball products in the world and giving them the power of choice.”

TITAN Vertis is located at Level 3 of Vertis North, Quezon City.



(Photos by Tristan Tamayo)