Ceasefire or Step Down: Majority and Minority groups in the PBA issue statements

It seems that the lines are clearly drawn. There are two clear sides on the issue surrounding PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa. It was announced yesterday that Commissioner Narvasa would not continue in his role because seven of the twelve PBA Board Members aren’t agreeing to renew his contract. But in a press conference yesterday afternoon, Commissioner Narvasa informed the public that he is staying on because the board failed to achieve the necessary two thirds majority vote to remove the Commissioner.

It’s clear that the PBA Board is now divided into two blocs. There is the so called “Majority Bloc” composed of the seven teams that weren’t supporting the PBA Commissioner. This group is composed of TNT, Meralco, NLEX, Alaska, Rain or Shine, Blackwater and Phoenix.

The Majority Bloc issued a statement after all yesterday’s events. In the statement, they clarified that they are not removing Commissioner Narvasa.

“In spite of the claim of others, though we have the evidence to prove it, we are not removing Commissioner Narvasa for incompetence and performance. We are setting it clear that we are not supporting the renewal of the term Commissioner Narvasa which has effectively expired at the end of the 42nd season.”

Commissioner Narvasa’s contract is on a yearly basis and this move by the seven board members was a preemptive strike to discourage the rest of the board from proposing his reappointment since there will be no majority to affirm this.

However, they Majority Bloc is disappointed that Commissioner Narvasa is clinging to his position and revealing all these issues to the public as a way to divert attention to what is truly happening. If this continues, it could be bad for the PBA according to the group.


“With his defiance, there will be a situation where the PBA will not be able to operate since any action of the Commissioner needs the affirmative support of the majority of the board which he regrettably doesn’t have.”

The Majority Bloc closed their statement asking the Commissioner to step down for the betterment of the league and the fans. “If the Commissioner really loves the PBA and the Public as he conveniently espouses, he may make the supreme sacrifice of voluntarily stepping down and prevent a division of the Board and stalled basketball operations. Maybe with his ultimate sacrifice, the public will forget the past and give honor to his act of leaving the post.”

The five remaining teams of the Board, namely San Miguel, Ginebra, Star, Kia and GlobalPort are now dubbed as the Minority Bloc. This group also issued a statement calling for a ceasefire between both parties.

“With the best interest of the league in mind, we have come to an agreement to reach out to the other members of the Board to resolve this impasse as a collegial body, not as individuals, to maintain the integrity of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) and protect the interest of fans nationwide.”

The group would like for both sides to discuss this matter during the Annual Planning session on November 14 where it can be discussed in the proper forum. They are seeking for media and public silence from both groups to prevent this issue from getting worse.

The Minority Bloc has assured the public that even with this rift in the PBA Board, they will still fully support the National Team Program in the upcoming FIBA Asia Qualifiers.

“All five teams composed of San Miguel Beer, Barangay Ginebra, Star Hotshots, Globalport and Kia Picanto will also continue to make available its players to the Philippine team that is preparing for the Fiba-Asia World Cup qualifier and other league functions. We believe this should not be adversely affected by the board members’ differences in opinion.”

The group closed their statement by saying they will do their best to resolve the issue for the fans.

“We reiterate that we are doing this to protect the league we all love, the game of basketball and the millions of fans who continue to support us. We still believe we are capable of being better- as a group. We are still, after all, composed of people who uphold values and principles that made this league great through the years.”


Photos from PBA.ph

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