Blaze Boosters Aim to Execute Finishing Moves vs. Barako Bull



It has come down to a win-or-go-home situation for the Barako Bull Energy Cola, a team that has lived on the edge for most of the conference. It’s either we see them pack their bags and look for the perfect import in the Kume’s Cup after this game or they force an anything-can-happen Game 3. But make no mistake, this team has exceeded expectations this year. For a franchise that was described with words like “a joke”, “disgrace”, or “a travesty” at the start of the conference, playing well in the quarters against arguably the most talented team in the league is about as much as this team can do.

For the Petron Blaze Boosters, this game is about finishing a team they should be finishing off. Yes, Barako played really well in Game 1, but the Boosters should be running this team off the floor. If they don’t bring fatality to this team ASAP things can go really bad for them. The effort that Petron put forth in the last quarter of Game 1 should be duplicated for the whole of Game 2.



Petron’s defense.

Petron is already miles away from Barako on offense. But we know that Coach Bong Ramos finds magical ways to get this team buckets despite the lack of talent. So as we saw in Game 1, Petron will win this game if and when they decide to turn the defensive switch on.

Barako is an old team and they struggle against athletic teams that cover the floor really fast. Petron on the other hand, when they want to play defense, is the complete nightmare for a team like Barako.



Mick Pennisi

Pennisi had only three points in the first game and wasn’t able to hit his outside shots to pull Petron’s bigs out to the three-point line. Mick could be big in Game 2 if he gets hot from Caidic Country and starts to open the paint for drivers like Intal, Buenafe, and Lastimosa.


Photos by Paul Ryan Tan and Paolo Papa of