Big Baby Finally Gets on a Hilarious Meme!

One of the greatest travesties in the history of social networking — at least in the basketball blogosphere — is how nobody ever makes THAT MUCH fun of Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Next to the White Mamba, I think “Uno-Uno” (Yes, he tried to trick us into nixing “Big Baby” for “Uno-Uno” — what a shameless attempt of spurning stigma.) should be the prince and the butt of NBA memes. After all, he’s got the huge J.Lo’s for it and it’s not like he doesn’t present himself:


On top of that…

1. He already shed tears even before this; when he was still donning LSU unis.

2. He infamously shoved a fat white kid after hitting the game-winner in Game 4 of the 2009 Eastern Conference Semis.

3. Davis once was out for an extended period of time after injuring his thumb in a bar fight.

4. Honestly, I can go on and on but this can’t wait anymore:


BUTT the “Big Baby” stigma might finally fade into oblivion if he consistently plays like a stud and continues to display effort like this:

Photos c/o NBA Memes Facebook page and NBA Getty Images








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