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Be Unguardable: The Curry Flow 10

A few months after getting his fourth ring, the two-time MVP, along with Under Armour and the Curry Brand, unveiled his 10th signature shoe.

WORDS by Jone Mallorca

It’s Stephen Curry’s world. And we’re all just living in it.

A few months after getting his fourth ring, the two-time MVP, along with Under Armour and the Curry Brand, unveiled his 10th signature shoe.

Here is the Curry Flow 10.

Under Armour looked into making the Curry Flow 10 their most innovative shoe to date. Considering Curry’s nasty handles, elite shooting, and quick off-ball movements on the court, it’s easy to see why the best shooter on the planet requires some top-notch kicks.

Under Armour’s Senior Designer Spencer Hawkins focused on continuing the found success in utilizing the UA Flow and UA Warp 2.0 technologies to enhance the overall feel, comfortability, and reinforcement of the shoe.

The Curry Flow 10 also makes use of a TPE-blend sock liner, along with a thicker midsole to give hoopers an extra boost in their movements, while also providing stability in the overall experience. 

The technologies and features of the shoe act as a representation of the unique playstyle that the NBA superstar has been known for. Whether through pulling up from deep for a dagger three-ball or crossing over defenders with elite ball-handling skills and footwork, Under Armour has looked into maximizing the potential of the Curry Flow 10. 

Besides the innovation present in the shoe, Hawkins and the design team included key details to add that unique touch, which hoopers and sneaker collectors can feast upon in appreciation of the overall look.

Spotted at the bottom of the shoe, a large X can be seen, representing Curry’s 10th design with the Under Armour brand. In addition to this detail, the Curry Flow 10 also includes an impressive lineup of flashy colorways with their own backgrounds and callbacks to Curry’s basketball career.

The ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ colorway, which was first used on the Curry Flow 2, is inspired by Proverbs 27:17, Curry’s daily motivation: “as iron sharpens iron, so one sharpens another.”

Similar to the callback of the  ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ colorway to the Curry Flow 2, look no further to the ‘Sour Then Sweet’ colorway as it draws inspiration from the Curry Flow 7 with the shooter’s competitive mentality on the court being imprinted on the aesthetic of the shoe.

While the ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘More Magic’ colorways pay homage to crowd-pleasing designs, Under Armour has incorporated unique twists to make the looks of the kicks pop. 

The ‘Curry-Fornia’ and ‘Treasure Island’ colorways celebrate Curry’s accomplishments as a Golden State Warrior and his strong relationship with the state of California.

Along with the colorways of the Curry Flow 10, the new FloTro and Retro styles look to provide a special experience for fans with their focus on Curry’s journey toward NBA dominance. In addition, these new styles will look to combine the celebration of the past with the future in its use of innovative technology that will leave an imprint on the game of basketball.

Go hoop like Steph. Go shoot like Curry. The Curry Flow 10 is now available at Php9,195.