Put this hoops-themed love song on your Valentine’s Day playlist, ASAP

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day? Add this song to your playlist and thank us later.

Fourth quarter babe, I’ll hit the game winner
It’s not over babe, I’ll hit the game winner

“Game Winner” was first released in 2016 by LA-based musician Joey Dosik, but it’s the more jazzed-up version by Vulfpeck that brings the drama worthy of a primetime NBA commercial. (Seriously, how has this song not been used on the league’s Valentine’s Day ads?)

The song’s driving metaphor compares the chances we take on love to the dying seconds of a ball game, everything riding on that one shot. Whether you’re an athlete or a fan of the game, we all know the stress of clutch moments—as well as that of going all-in in a relationship.

Give me the ball, I’ll hit the game winner
Take a chance on me, take a chance on me

The original cut from Dosik’s “Game Winner” EP. It plays out like a live session—vulnerable, intimate, mellow. You should check out the music video too, which has an underdog basketball team, a dancing referee, and shots that call to mind retro sports movies.

Dosik sings like that shy guy from school who surprises everyone at the talent show. In contrast, the Vulfpeck version brings in Charles Jones for more powerful vocals, adding a big man’s groove while retaining that smooth, jazzy vibe.

Time out baby, ’cause this is where I make my money babe
I’m not afraid, we’ve been down before
What you gonna do?

Fun fact: Dosik’s first love wasn’t music. It was basketball. After blowing out his ACL during a pick-up game, he turned to writing while undergoing rehab and missing the sport—which is how he ended up with a basketball concept EP.

Five seconds left, we gonna run this time
Right then and there you find me open
Baby, I’m your guy

Bonus points for sampling the sound of a made basket at the 2:57 mark!

I’ll hit it baby, I’ll hit it baby
All you gotta do is never give up on me

Ed Sheeran can corner the market on songs for cheesy wedding videos, but when it comes to that Venn diagram of hoops and romance, Sheeran’s got nothing on this.

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