An In-Depth Look at #PBARank (Part 1)


After a month and a half of counting down every single player in the PBA according to their rankings, we have come to an end with Jayson “William” Castro leading the pack. It was not easy, but it was a whole lot of fun doing it. There were players that shocked people to be so low, there were those that seemed to be higher than expected, but either way, I do believe that we here at SLAM Philippines came up with an awesome list.

Now that we are done with it, we have some sort of a different angle to look at the league. There is a numerical basis for every single player that is playing in the PBA. And with that in mind, we now can see the league a little bit clearer. We can watch it like a hawk. And also see where some teams and players are in terms of their averages.

Before we move on, here is just a little recap of how we came up with the list. We got 11 people to be part of the panel. These eleven consisted of SLAM Online’s Robi Raya, Nikko Ramos, and myself (Aaron Atayde). Joining the group was SLAM Magazine Philippines’ Editor-at-Large, Mico Halili, the three guys over at From The Stands, Chuck Araneta, Polo Bustamante, and Carlo Pamintuan, and from GMA’s FTW, Miakka Lim. Rounding out the list is Magoo Marjon from the PBA panel, Jaemark “@FireQuinito” Tordecilla, and TV5’s Tony Atayde.

The job of these eleven people were to score every single player in the league from 1 to 10. One being the lowest score, and ten being the highest. From there, we added up all the scores to find the average per player. Then, we counted down every single player until we revealed who was at the top of the list.

With that being said, let us take a deeper look at the information that we have gathered. What has all of this data given us? Who is really the best team on paper? Who is the most average player in the league? Who is the best “worst” player on a team?


(The Closest to Being) The Most Average Player in the League
#86. Wynne Arboleda – Air 21 Express
Average score = 5.06

The average score for all 148 players was 5.09. With no one getting the exactly 5.09, Pareng Wynne was the closest to it. He ranked #86 on our list, finishing just ahead of Elmer Espiritu of Barako Bull.


The Best Team on Paper
Petron Blaze Boosters
Average score = 6.35

If only basketball was played on paper and not on the court, huh? The Petron Blaze Boosters just narrowly beat Barangay Ginebra San Miguel with the average score of the members on their team. And this is after Petron traded away a Top 30 player on the #PBARank in Jay Washington to GlobalPort for a player that is ranked #88 in Jason Deutchman.

And yet, all of those great talents have yet to pull together a championship, little alone reach the Finals in quite some time. But, maybe this conference will be different. Then again, we seem to be saying that almost every single conference.

Here is the rundown of all the teams:
1. Petron Blaze Boosters – 6.35
2. Barangay Ginebra San Miguel – 6.33
3. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters – 6.34
4. Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters – 6.16
5. San Mig Coffee Mixers – 5.91
6. GlobalPort Batang Pier – 5.73
7. Alaska Aces – 5.33
8. Meralco Bolts – 5.22
9. Air 21 Express – 4.98
10. Barako Bull Energy Cola – 4.5

This goes to show you that championships are more than just getting the better players. It is about meshing the talent that you have and having a system that can work with the pieces. Out of the last five champion teams that the PBA has had, none of them were from the top two teams. In fact, only Ginebra was able to reach the Finals, only to be swept by the Alaska Aces.

2012-13 Season: All-Filipino (TNT over RoS), Commissioner’s Cup (Alaska over Ginebra)
2011-12 Season: All-Filipino (TNT over Powerade, Commissioner’s Cup (BMEG over TNT), Governor’s Cup (RoS over BMEG)

Granted, there should’ve been a different ranking for the players and the teams for the year before this one. But, for the teams that are on the list above, aside from Powerade, they had very little to zero changes to their line-up. Interesting, isn’t it?


Best in Attendance

Who dominated the top of the list? Which teams were the most present at the very peak of the #PBARank?

Top 20
Petron Blaze Boosters – 3 (Arwind Santos, Junemar Fajardo, & Marcio Lassiter)
San Mig Coffee Mixers – 3 (James Yap, Mark Pingris, & PJ Simon)
Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters – 3 (Jayson Castro, Ranidel de Ocampo, & Jimmy Alapag)
Alaska Aces – 3 (JVee Casio, Calvin Abueva, & Sonny Thoss)
Rain or Shine Elasto Painters – 3 (Paul Lee, Jeff Chan, & Gabe Norwood)
Barangay Ginebra San Miguel – 2 (Mark Caguioa & LA Tenorio)
GlobalPort Batang Pier – 2 (Sol Mercado & Gary David)
Meralco Bolts – 1 (Chris Ross)

With the absence of Air 21 and Barako Bull, eight teams were all present in the Top 20 list. Petron, San Mig Coffee, TNT, Alaska, and RoS had a total of three each. Seems expected, right? Well, when we look at the Top 10, things get a little weird.

Top 10
Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters – 2 (Jayson Castro & Ranidel de Ocampo)
Barangay Ginebra San Miguel – 2 (Mark Caguioa & LA Tenorio)
Alaska Aces – 2 (JVee Casio & Calvin Abueva)
GlobalPort Batang Pier – 2 (Sol Mercado & Gary David)
Petron Blaze Boosters – 1 (Arwind Santos)
Ran or Shine Elasto Painters – 1 (Paul Lee)

Where is San Mig Coffee? How did the team go from having three members in the Top 20 to being completely eradicated from the Top 10 list? Told you it was going to be kind of odd.


The Best “Worst” Player on the Team
#110. Willy Wilson – Barangay Ginebra San Miguel
Average score = 4.25

This is award goes to the player that has the highest lowest score on the team. Because of this, Barangay Ginebra was the last team to join the countdown.

To put into perspective, Wilson is better than nine players on the Barako Bull Energy Cola line-up. There are officially 19 players that are on that team. He would be good enough to be in the top half.


The Worst “Best” Player on the Team
#37. Danny Seigle – Barako Bull Energy Cola
Average score = 6.81

Dynamite Danny might be one of the oldest players in the league, but he can at least say that he is still the best player on his team. Seigle’s 6.81 rating would only put him as the Sixth Man on the Petron line-up.


Out with the Old and In with the New

There are six players that were on the list when it was made that are no longer in the league. Five of them being from the GlobalPort Batang Pier. The other being good ol’ H-Bomb, Rudy Hatfield. This is where they were on the list.

#132. Alex Crisano (GlobalPort) – 3.23
#131. Reed Juntilla (GlobalPort) – 3.23
#130. Yousif Aljamal (GlobalPort) – 3.48
#129. Rommel Adducul (GlobalPort) – 3.5
#113. Will Antonio (GlobalPort) – 4.11
#62. Rudy Hatfield (Ginebra) – 5.89

Now that there are some spots available in the league, there have been some names added to the teams. A total of nine players have been able to work their way into a PBA roster. We will have to wait and see if they will still be there come the next #PBARank.

1. Jimbo Aquino (Talk ‘N Text)
2. Jai Reyes (Talk ‘N Text)
3. Val Acuña (San Mig Coffee)
4. Paolo Hubalde (Petron)
5. Allan Mangahas (Meralco)
6. Marvin Hayes (GlobalPort)
7. JR Buensuceso (GlobalPort)
8. Hans Thiele (GlobalPort)
9. Richard Alonzo (GlobalPort)

Part 2 will be about all of the recent trades in the PBA. Believe me, it is going to get pretty interesting.

Photos by Paolo Papa of InterAKTV