Alaska vs. Petron: Staying Away from the 7th Spot


This game has to have a playoff feel to it. Both teams are already in the playoffs but the loser of this game can end up in a cage match against SMC or ROS with the twice-to-win disadvantage that comes along with the 7th seed.

If the Blaze Boosters lose, they’ll get stuck in 7th place for sure. If Alaska loses, they can still drop to That Place Where You Have To Win Twice in the Quarters depending on the quotient system.

The goal for both teams here is to just stay away from the 7th seed. It barely matters if you get seeded from 3rd to 6th because you’ll get a tough draw anyways.


The shock troopers.

Last time these two teams met, Alaska’s bench mob outscored Petron’s 40-24. But in that game, Casio and Abueva came off the bench for the Aces and so did Arwind for the Blaze Boosters. Lassiter and The Kraken were sidelined in that game too. So with how unpredictable these two teams’ starting line-ups are, there’s practically no bench scoring and the core guys of both teams will most probably cancel each other out.

That’s why the Raphy Reyeses, the Gabby Espinases, and the Sam Emans of Alaska, the Dorian Penas, the Denok Mirandas, and the Joseph Yeos of Petron will be big in this one. Which shock trooper group will do more of the little things and help its team cop the W?


Arwind Santos (18.1 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 1.7 apg, 1.2 spg, 1.5bpg) vs. Calvin Abueva (14.9 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 2.1 apg, 1.7 spg). Spiderman vs. The Beast. Monster double-double machines going full speed at each other.

Now that Arwind Santos knows that Calvin Abueva is the shiznit, look for him to double his efforts on D and on the glass. Will Spidey web-wrap The Beast? Or will Abueva go full-on George Estregan on Arwind? I’m betting that whoever wins the match-up will get interviewed at the end of the game.


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