A curation of the rarest sneakers released for private sale at SOLE DXB 2019

To celebrate the launch of Archive DNA, founder Magdi Fernandes, has curated a collection together with a couple of the most important collectors around the world. 

From signed 1985 Michael Jordan TYPS Air Jordan 1 Player Exclusive, game worn ‘Air Zoom Generation’ for Lebron James, to ‘Air Max 90 SL Laser’ commissioned by the late Alexander McQueen for his own private collection in 2004. The Archive DNA collection goes beyond minimal production quantities, each pair has a rich history and narrative that further cements them into the sneaker culture history books.

“A lot of times, my friends & I make jokes about “The List”. It was all fun & games until I saw the actual LIST. My Brother Magdi & His Team, have compiled some CRAZY shoes for the big sale. I’m just trying to figure out, how NOT to go broke!!”

Clark Kent

The collection features over 70 pairs, with releases from the mid 1970’s to early 2000’s and include some of Nike’s most revered and successful silhouettes including the Air Jordans, Dunks and Air Max 90s.

Check out some of the sneakers available.

Press released from SOLE DXB