7 Worst Fake Blondes in NBA History

As an homage to the UE Pep Squad (who payed homage to last year’s UP Pep Squad) and their blonde hair, we take a look back at the NBA’s rich history of terrrible hair choices to give you the Top (or is it Bottom?) 7 Worst Fake Blondes!

Why players would want to go blonde is beyond me. Maybe it’s so that they’ll be easier to spot camping out for the corner 3. Maybe it’s to distract the opponents. Or maybe they do it to attract attention to themselves and be featured on SLAM (Damn it! I fell for it!). Either way, get that razor ready. Here come some hairstyles these pros should’ve shaved off instead.

7. Dennis Rodman

Why is Dennis Rodman not Number 1? Because frankly, his blonde looks were never really terrible or all that shocking (except here). Sure maybe they were a tad unsettling for more traditional folks when The Worm let started dyeing his hair back with the Spurs, but after that, we all pretty much just got used to it. But props to him for staying consistent, keeping the look and staying blonde for his Hall of Fame induction. His new book, Blonde As I Wanna Be, will be out soon (not really, but wouldn’t that be awesome?).

Photo c/o www.chicago-usa.net

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