2016 SLAM Rising Stars: Gian Mamuyac

HYPE 9 - Gian Mamuyac - 1b

Meet Gian Mamuyac of Team Hype

High School team: Ateneo High School Blue Eaglets (graduating)
Height: 6’0″
Position: SG/SF

Player whom you can compare him to: You could easily liken him to Kevin Ferrer because of the length, but a more plausible comparison might be Wesley Gonzales during his Ateneo days. Both players have a ton of length, and are athletic. That said, Mamuyac’s gliding ability is on a completely other level.

Favorite PBA team: Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters

Favorite NBA player: Allen Iverson

Favorite UAAP player: He actually has two. One is Kiefer Ravena. No surprise there. The other? The so-called Kiefer-stopper, Pao Javelona of the NU Bulldogs. Why Javelona? “Sobrang talino niya maglaro, di niya iniisip scumore, when opportunity comes lang, tsaka siya titira. Pero mostly, dumedepensa lang talaga siya, yun yung priority niya.”

Favorite PBA player: Terrence Romeo. From defensive stopper Javelona to, all of a sudden, the scoring savant Romeo? “Allen Iverson to Romeo kasi!” he replied with a laugh.

UAAP Season 78 averages: 10.8 PPG, 5.5 RPG, 3.1 APG, 1.3 STL

What we can expect from him in the SLAM Rising Stars Classic: “Di ko alam kasi sobrang galing nila dito. Di ko rin kasi alam kung anong mapapakita ko dito. [UAAP] MVP [Aljun Melecio] nandito. Yung mamaw ng NCAA, si Ricci [Rivero], nandito. Yung taong naka 27 rebounds [NU’s Justine Baltazar] nandito rin. Tapos yung leading scorer ng NU sa championship [John Lloyd Clemente] nandito rin. Sobrang all-star cast dito. Scoscore din ako, kahit isang beses lang.”

Then during the scrimmage after the interviews, Mamuyac proceeded to be one of the top scorers for his team, scoring off a variety of drives and some threes. Expect a ton of entertainment from Mamuyac in the Rising Stars Classic.

HYPE 9 - Gian Mamuyac - 2b

What’s next for Mamuyac?

Committed to: Ateneo de Manila University. Mamuyac mentioned that between basketball and academics, academics was his priority when it came to choosing a school. “Kasi tulad nga ng sabi ng athletes, basketball, may ending yan. Siguro mga mid 30s, tapos na career mo, so ano yung back up after nun? So kailangan talaga, maganda na tapusin mo yung education mo, para may back up ka.”

Seniors ready?

Bulk up, then let’s talk.

In terms of skill set alone, you can easily plug Mamuyac into any starting line-up in the UAAP. His athleticism, defensive acumen and length is simply top-notch. The only problem is that, he’s thin. REALLY thin. So thin in fact that Mamuyac joked that he won’t drive when he enters college because he might end up flying away like paper. Otherwise? Gian is one of the most seniors ready prospects based on his skill-set alone.

His defense is already top of the line, and he’d automatically be one of the best defenders in the league. Gian’s mix of length, speed and athleticism makes for a nightmare for any opposing player. In the FIBA Asia tournament this past October, he was the main defensive weapon for Batang Gilas, and it led to some great victories.

What he needs to improve on:

As mentioned earlier, Mamuyac has to bulk up. He was able to get away with his lack of heft because of his athleticism in the HS division, but come college, that will no longer be the case.

Other than bulking up, Gian also has to work on his guard skills. At this point, the only reason Mamuyac is able to play the 2 position is because of his athleticism. If he wasn’t as athletic as he was, he’d be limited to a small forward focused on defense. Right now, his handle isn’t that tight within a half court setting. You can easily strip the ball away from him. At the same time, his shooting form is more fit for a set shot, something he’ll be doing less if he wants to transition to being a point guard or a shooting guard come college.

Despite all of his weaknesses, Mamuyac is still quite the dynamic player. He was easily one of the most entertaining players in the UAAP last season, and his production was something else. From being a player solely needed for defense, Mamuyac has grown leaps and bounds to become the all-around monster that he is today. Plus remember, he is just 16-years-old. From six-feet, he can easily grow up to 6’3″. Anything can happen. If Gian was able to grow that much in terms of his game in one year, who’s to say he won’t be able to do the same come college? Sky’s the limit for the lengthy and athletic Gian Mamuyac.

HYPE 9 - Gian Mamuyac - 3c