SLAM 1-on-1 with Kevin Love

Kevin Love is in town for the much awaited Master Game Face Challenge. We checked in with him to talk about the outlet pass, GQ and SLAM.


SLAM: You’re known to be the king of the outlet pass, what makes the perfect outlet pass?

KL: Hmm.. You got to be a quarterback.

SLAM: Did you play football?

KL: I didn’t get to play football because my parents wouldn’t let me play. I guess my dad was afraid I would get hurt. When I grew up wanting to play youth football there was a weight limit so I couldn’t join. Well you need a good receiver, great trajectory on the ball, great touch. That’s easier said than done. It really has a lot of work to it.


SLAM: We know you were part of that GQ shoot a few issues back. When do you decide on going with the full beard or the clean cut?

KL: It actually wasn’t my call (laughs) they just said there’s not much we can do with you so they went with the clean shave and did something with the hair.


SLAM: Which do you prefer?

KL: I’m gonna stick with my kind of grimy look, that North Carolina/ Northwestern look. Without that visor though (Points at the SLAM cover issue with Ricky Rubio) I don’t know where they were going with that.

SLAM: Speaking of the cover ish with SLAM, do you have any memories of the shoot?

KL: Yeah, actualy I do. It took place at our practice facility in Minnesota. They were trying to replicate that Showtime/Showbiz and KG.


SLAM: With KG and Marbury?

KL: Yeah Garnett and Marbury but with KL. It was a lot of fun it actually took less than 30 minutes, lots of fun and great people.

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