SLAM Sneaker Review: adidas J Wall 2

In the latest SLAM Sneaker Review, we set our sights on the fresh adidas J Wall 2.

The Wall 2 is John Wall’s second signature sneaker with adidas after making the switch from sister company Reebok.

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Big foot ballers will like this one, as it’s not just a guard shoe, It isn’t narrow on the sides, so if you want a snug fit, go half size down or double up on your socks. The toe box area will have quite some space. Your foot slides right in the first time you try them on. The fit when you lace them up feels like the right amount of softness and protection covering specific parts of your foot.

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Clocking in at 14 ounces, you get a grind-it-out, sturdy shoe. Not the lightest due to lack of primeknit, but it gets the job done.

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I’m digging the flex groove along the traction pattern. No slippages here as traction has been a priority for Wall ever since the adidas CrazyQuick, the Wall 1 and even the Reebok Zigtech, matching his style of play. If you are a slasher, aggressive, drive to the hole, no nonsense kind of player, this could be your shoe.

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What’s pretty cool about this shoe is the how Wall’s personality has been incorporated into the design and details. Some examples from the tongue liner, and engraved in his crossover JW logo on the outsole’s traction pattern include:

· “JSW” to pay homage to John’s late father
· “Mama’s Boy” – John shares a close relationship with his mother, Frances Pulley, who instilled within him the purpose of becoming the best person he can be
· “Five Deep” – The name coined for John’s crew of childhood friends
· “Great Wall” – Inspired by his tattoo and personal goals
· “Raleigh 919” –John’s hometown and area code in North Carolina

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The solid Quickframe upper keeps everything in place, and your foot locked down. Think of this as your carabiner when wall climbing, adjusting to your body frame, or in this case, foot frame. With full length adiprene+ cushion and a 3D folded toppling, you will get the next best thing to Boost. The Engineered midsole and outsole do not disappoint in terms of rocking these in your open runs.

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When you run thru the upper, you will feel a soft, breathable material, synthetic mesh. The Wall 2 is soft on the toe and ankle area, making it flexible, and firm on the heel area. This Halloween colorway is pretty cool with the glow-in-the-dark sole and the radical color combination and theme.

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Animal print and digi camo prints are vividly present in this silhouette’s different colorways, which add a bold  taste to the finished product. The shoe itself might just be an on-court shoe though.



Simple and stable. For the minimalists out there who want a go-to daily bruiser shoe for the hardwood or the cement, this can be your weapon of choice.


The adidas J Wall 2 retails for Php6,295 and is out now.

Photos c/o Marion Rocha
Instagram: @marionrochaphotography