SLAM SNEAKER REVIEW: adidas Crazy 8 ‘All-Star’

Welcome back to SLAM Sneaker Review! This week we have the adidas Crazy 8 in store for you guys.

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Originally released in 1997, known in it’s former existence as the ‘KB8’, we all saw a young afro’d Kobe Bryant rise up the basketball scene in these babies. Everyone in school wanted a pair of these and I’m just glad these are back. Better and brighter. Ready to showboat once again. #SeewhatIdidthere

adidas has rebranded the shoe as the Crazy 8. Several colorways have released throughout the years but none as, pardon the term ‘crazy’ as this. Now called the Crazy 8, the timing of a return couldn’t be louder or any better, debuting for the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend. Look for Complete Attendance All-Star Damian Lillard, John Wall and Harrison Barnes to name a few, rocking these. Loud and vibrant just like New Orleans, This 2014 All-Star Crazy 8 is ready to take the world by storm this coming weekend.


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I wear a size 12 and used them on court outdoors. I suggest going a half size lower for that snug fit you look for when manhandling the opposition. No break in needed as Feet you Wear technology was always known for that. Also, extend laces to top lace holes to secure maximum lock.


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At 13.3 oz, it is not the lightest shoe out there but in terms of comfort, design and stability this shoe is top notch. If you want an uber protective shoe for those grind it out games, this one is for you.


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“Your foot is not flat, so why should your shoes be? “ That was the concept behind adidas’ Feet You Wear technology way back in 1996. Feet you Wear was definitely years ahead of it’s time.

The Crazy 8 (KB8) was Kobe’s first official signature shoe from adidas. Its innovative style was a fresh sight in the basketball world. 17 years later, the shoe comes back featuring an ultra-comfortable synthetic leather upper, along with a compression molded EVA midsole.


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Splattered styling also appears on the upper of this shoe, with BRRRRIGHT orange showcasing the majority of the upper. Along with the Crazy 1 and Crazy 97, this pair will appear in the Rising Stars Challenge and All-Star Saturday Night events.

The shoe features the previously highlighted adidas’ “Feet You Wear” technology, which boasts of an anatomically contoured midsole and outsole to allow natural foot movement. Damn, those commercials back in the day were the bomb. The curves of the sides are naturally synced to your foot when worn. Traction meanwhile was consistent and a good shoe for both indoors and out.

Stability and Support

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The Boot construction of the shoe also helps you out on the hardwood cause it basically minimizes friction which gives you a lot of comfort out there. With that contoured outsole comes rounded edges and individual pads made to improve player’s stability. This shoe features a combination of mesh and leather upper for optimal durability and cushioning. Also made with the famous Patented Torsion System to provide maximum guidance for any foot type and the traction to grip any kind of flooring.

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An air mesh lining keeps you cool possession after possession and the Non-marking rubber outsole tops it all off.

Look and Feel

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I think that this shoe is a great combination of on court performance as well as style.
An all-orange upper gets bamboozled by the paintbrush, creating that Splatter look. Blue lining complements the accents on the midsole and base, with blue and black paneling splitting the stripes. Lime tabs offer another highlight on yet another wild take on the C8.


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Other than on the court, great for that casual, going for a coffee run while avoiding the paps wanna stand out look. (That is if you have paparazzi following you around) If you have none then don’t worry people will still notice.


At a PHP5,495 price point, I would say this is a must cop. Whether you are a Kobe Fan, Sneakerhead or want to stand out, These headturners will definitely get you additional ‘pogi’ points.

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Rating- 9/10

It features Feet You Wear technology, which was designed to mimic the consumer’s foot to promote responsiveness and feel like a natural extension of the foot.
FYW was and definitely is still a gamechanger and for stability, combined with Torsion that’s got your back in terms of midfoot and heel support making you move freely, you got a great basketball performance shoe.

The adidas Crazy 8 ‘All-Star’ is out now at selected Titan shops around the Metro. Grab your pair ASAP and maybe you can still submit your application form to any of the All-Star Festivities in Nawlins.

Photos c/o Marion Rocha
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